About Us!

Dance Action is entering our 14th dance season and we are so excited for all the new experiences, classes, and opportunities we are able to offer you and your children. We have 2700 square feet of space divided into 3 large and spacious studios, a lobby (with closed circuit TV to watch your child’s classes), a large locker room/hangout/homework area, 2 bathrooms, and ample parking for everyone.

At Dance Action it doesn’t matter if your child takes 1 class or 8 classes, each child is unique and special and can dance in whatever class or style of dance they want because we do not require you to take certain classes in order to take other classes. Your child can take whatever class they want.

The Dance Action staff is comprised of professional and dance-educated instructors.  Our instructors are all dedicated to your child’s growth as a dancer at a level of learning that is both fun and technical. We do not use inappropriate songs during any class or recital and all of our costumes are appropriate with no cutouts or bellies showing. Recitals are ONE DAY ONLY and Videotaping is allowed at the Recital!! Our class pricing is comparable to area studios with the exception that we only charge for 9 months yet we offer classes for 10 months!!!

Additionally, we offer all children the opportunity to dance in the community when able and starting at age 5, to be a part of our competition team.  We DO NOT HOLD TRYOUTS for our team.  Any child who wants to be a part of the competition team can.  The only requirement is that they are in a Ballet Class. Students in competition at level 2 and above must also be in one other class in addition to Ballet.


The 2024 recital will be held at Villa Joseph Marie High School on June 9, 2024. There are 2 shows on that day. Children in Tiny Tots, Creative Dance, Beginner Dance, Boys Hip Hop, and Level 1 classes are only in ONE SHOW. All other classes participate in BOTH SHOWS. Those students in competition are on BOTH SHOWS.


During the dance year, there will be opportunities for students to dance in the community. When the opportunities arise, emails will be sent out and those who wish to participate can. It is not mandatory to participate.


Students in Beginner Dance and up are invited to participate each year in competition with the studio. This is not mandatory but it is a commitment from both the student and parent. There are no try outs or auditions. There are fees associated with this and it involves weekend time from November through May. Children in competition are required to take Ballet.


Dance is like any other structured learning environment. Students and parents are expected to behave with a level of self-control and respect.

•Please keep the noise level to a minimum in the lobby area.
•There is no food, gum, or drinks allowed inside the dance studio.


•Students are to arrive on time and be properly attired for class
•If a student is not properly attired they will be asked to leave class until they can be properly attired.
•No street shoes are to be worn on the dance floor.
•Profanity and vulgar language are not tolerated from anyone.
•Students are not to have cell phones in class.
•Verbal or Behavioral disruptions by students in class will not be tolerated and the student will be asked to leave class


Instructors are not allowed to be “friends” with any student or parent on social media. There are to be no postings of an instructor’s choreography on social media without the consent of the instructor. Inappropriate postings on social media that influence or impact the welfare of the studio will be addressed immediately.